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SOLD Pratt Jug

SOLD   Pratt Jug

With scenes from the nursery rhyme, "The Grey Goose." Same model as illustrated in Lewis, "Pratt Ware" page 180, lower jug.

$ Old Mother Slipper-slopper jumped out of bed,
And out of her window she popped her old head,
Crying "John, John, John, the grey goose is gone,
And the Fox has rushed off to his den, O!
Then John, he went up to the top of the hill,
And blew his horn both loud and shrill.
Says the Fox, "That is very pretty music,
still,I'd rather be safe in my den, O!
At last Mr. Fox got home to his den,
To his dear little foxes, eight, nine, ten,
Says he "We're in luck, here's a fine fat goose,
With her legs all dangling down, O!
Then the fox sat down with his cubs and his wife;
They did very well without fork and knife,
Nor ate a better goose in all their life,
And the little ones picked the bones, O!

5 14" tall, some restoration.

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SOLD   Pratt Jug
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