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SOLD Sunderland Jug

SOLD  Sunderland Jug

This is such a great verse to find on a Sunderland jug!

$ The Sailor’s tear
He leap’d into the boat.
As it lay upon the strand.
But, oh, his heart was far away
With friends upon the land
He thought of those he lov’d the best
A wife and infant dear;
And feeling fill’d the sailor’s breast,
The sailor’s eye—a tear.

8¼" tall, circa 1837 or later (we know because it is signed "Scott & Sons, Southwick". Professional restoration to the handle, so good we almost don't have to tell. We love the bottle oven of the pottery in the transfer, with smoke coming out.

$ 750.00    SOLD   Ask Us About D45
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SOLD  Sunderland Jug
SOLD  Sunderland Jug
SOLD  Sunderland Jug
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