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SOLD Pearlware Plaque of Paris and Oenone

SOLD  Pearlware Plaque of Paris and Oenone

A pearlware plaque, handsomely decorated in underglaze blue and a bit of brown. This is also known as "The Judgment of Paris" and the original version of this was modeled by John Voyez (c. 1780-90) for Ralph Wood the younger (b. 1748; d. 1795).

$ As described in "Prattware" by Griselda Lewis, p. 212: "This underglaze coloured relief decorated plaque is very like the original one of the same subject, designed by John Voyez for the Wood factory and produced by them decorated with coloured glazes.

Oenone was a nymph of Mount Ida, loved by Paris. When he set off for Troy in search of Helen, Oenone was madly jealous. Hearing that Paris had been wounded by Philoctetes, with one of Hercules' arrows dipped in the poisonous blood of the Hydra, she refused to cure him. Repenting of her heartlessness, she sped to Troy to find Paris already dead, whereupon she flung herself on his funeral pyre." We LOVE mythology!

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SOLD  Pearlware Plaque of Paris and Oenone
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